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Powered by XYion advertises you, as the brand you are growing to be, encompassing the X and Y generation of youth community with a focus on directing a target audience into your world.  We link brands to you whether it be through a simple hand shake or a current data research.  These friends, in turn, may opt-in or out of the opportunity to learn more about you.  This is not spam, but an precisely calculated measure utilized for special interest groups and beta testing.  We do the difficult work to heighten your awareness and strengthen your brand in order for your product to attract partnerships, monetization opportunities and obvious brand integrations.  There is truth in numbers and we represent this fact as truth more consistently than any spam service or email collection agency.

XYion has longstanding relationships with fortune 500 & 1000 corporations.  Licensed brands seek XYion to bring their projects to fruition in today’s market.  We introduce your brand to the world stage amid media and technology research studies and strategic campaigns to create the most meticulous success plan for your brand.  All of this is done in advance analytics – so you have your information, in real time, across the board.

Our experience

Web development – 9 years
WordPress – 5 years
Marketing & PR – 3 years
SMM & SEO – 2 years

Our services

Web development

XYion has the best in website design and development.  Our team will take your brand to the height of your industry.


We capture the essence of you, your brand and its substance – all in a single shot.  Our photography team, here, at XYion, are the best in the industry and will do everything needed to create the perfect photo.

SEO & Marketing

One of the most important elements of your brand’s campaign is your SEO and Marketing Strategy.  No matter how epic your quality brand is, if people do NOT know about it and it does NOT show up in search engines, it will NOT succeed.  We, at XYion, provide the best strategies, techniques and precise planning needed to result in PROVEN successes.  Our expert, industry leading SEO and Marketing team will propel your brand into the next level of its full potential.

Our Specialization

Here, at Powered By XYion (PBX or XYion), our specialization is your brand.  We specialize in creating the most comprehensive and successful strategy to bring your brand to market while capturing market share. PBX’s expertise lies in all areas necessary in creating results for your brand.  We have a proven success rate that is incomparable in every aspect across the board.  We specialize in creating awareness around your brand, capturing market share in your industry, studying accurate analytics to create proven results, strategizing the best entry, mid and exit points to ensure a successful transition into the market.  PBX is your brand’s best strategy — bring the PBX expertise to your team.

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“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” and the XYion Photography Team is the one to take it.


Words articulate the greatness of your brand, allow XYion to vocalize your brand with precise expertise.

Marketing & PR

XYion’s massively successful PROVEN results are all the strategy your brand needs.

Web design

Your brand’s Web presence is covered by XYion’s Best in the Industry Web Team, hands down.


Give your brand the assurance it needs, go with the best, go with the XYion Programming Team.



Don’t let your brand fall behind, get placed, first place, and use XYion’s expert SEO and Marketing Team.


Products and Services

PBX is your brands one-stop-shop for everything you need to create a successful product and brand.  Our expert technical, creative, marketing and production teams have PROVEN track records and success rates that will take your brand to the highest level of its potential.  Utilize our Products and Services to create the most comprehensive, full-circle success strategy for your brand.

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Corporate Identity

Put your brand’s best foot forward, allow PBX to create the successful synergy your brand’s identity needs.

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PBX’s industry leading Programming Team brings the best in expertise to your brand – no error codes allowed.

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PBX keys in the best in iOS and Android App development, taking your brand from potential to actual success.

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Our Partners

PBX works with some of the greatest, most recognizable Global Brands in the World.  Here, at PBX, we bring this same prestige, power and expertise to each and every one of our clients.

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